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Initially, the Sturges house had a string of occupants with scholarly credentials. Sturges was a Lockheed engineer and chess afficiondo, Edward Lorenz was a chaos theory pioneer and coined the term "butterfly effect".  Paul Garvin and Madeleine Mathiot were leading linguistic scholars.  Bridges and Larson's guests included literary intellecatuals such as Gore Vidal and Christopher Isherwood, and of course, many of their Hollwood friends. 

Jane Fonda by Andy Warhol, owned by Bridges/Larson

Jack Larson as cub reporter Jimmy Olson

Bridges directing Travolta on Urban Cowboy

In addition, it's quite likely that Katharine Hepburn and Jack Lemmon were visitors.  Hepburn was a close friend; and Lemmon worked on several of Bridges films and admired his work. 

Faye Dunaway with Larson and Bridges

Jack Larson drawn by David Hockney

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