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Why the low ceilings?

Wright was extremely stubborn about his low ceilings.  Why?

1.  Low ceilings create intimacy 

2.  Low ceilings exaggerate horizontality, providing a sense of proportion

3.  Low ceilings create tension and drama when juxtaposed against relief elements (raised portions and outdoors)

4.  Low ceilings didn't feel so low to Wright, who only stood about 5'8"

Just how stubborn was Wright about his ceilings?

Edgar Tafel, a longtime student of Wright's, tells a story about a fellow student named Wes Peters, who happened to be 6 feet 4, the same height as the ceilings at Taliesin. Watching Peters's head brush up against the rafters moved Wright to holler out, "Sit down, Wes, you're destroying the scale!" 

How stubborn?

Wright repeatedly lobbied the Steinway piano company to scale down its' grand pianos to fit into his homes, with their tops open.

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