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2016 "Knowing the Sturges House", by Thomas Hines,  professor emeritus of history and architecture at UCLA

2016  "Next-Best-Architect-on-Earth: John Lautner and the History of The Sturges Residence", by Frank Escher

2016  "Frank Lloyd Wright and the Making of the George D. Sturges Residence", by Greg Ciero

2016   Sturges House in the New York Times

2016   Sotheby's Auction Brochure

2016 "Frank Lloyd Wright’s Floating Sturges Home in Los Angeles Is up for Auction", Architectural Digest

2016  "Storied Sturges House Seeks Loving Owner", Francis Anderson for KCRW

2016  "This Unusual Frank Lloyd Wright House Is Up For Auction in LA", (Video), Fortune Magazine

2016   "Calfornia Dreamin': Frank Lloyd Wright house to be auctioned", U.K. Telegraph

2015  "The Hollywood Life of Jack Larson, America’s First Teen Heart-Throb"

2010   Just Wright: An Architectural Memoir.  B. Gregson and P Swanson

2005  "Frank Lloyd Wright, The Houses", by Alan Hess (cover photo)

1997   The California Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, David Gebhard

1986    Frank Lloyd Wright monograph, 1937-1941, Bruce Brooks Pfieffer

1976   Global Architecture (Interior) #10, Yukio Futagawa, 1976

1954   The Natural House, by Frank Lloyd Wright

1948  "Frank Lloyd Wright: The Architectural Forum January 1948"

1940    California Arts and Architecture Magazine, Cover Feature, April 1940

1940   "Frank Lloyd Wright Expresses Himself”, Los Angeles Times, February 4

See also:  Pedro E. Gurerro Archive for Sturges photos (Guerrero was Wright's photographer)

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